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Jim Banks, is one of the pioneers of high volume media buying.

Jim started buying pay per click traffic in 1999 on platforms that pre-dated Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

When paid social ads appeared Jim dived in there as well and now buys on Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, Snapchat Ads, Twitter Ads.

Jim buys programmatic media via Exchanges, native advertising with platforms like Outbrain and Taboola.

If you are not well versed on ALL platforms where you can buy media from then achieving success as an omni-channel media buyer is not something you'll enjoy.

Since 1999, Jim has worked with more than a thousand businesses in many verticals and both B2C and B2B.

His expert hands have guided in excess of $295 million USD buying traffic.

Those efforts yielded in excess of $1.9 billion USD in sales for ecommerce businesses and over 2 million leads for sales teams around the world.

Whether you are a brand new media buyer, an agency who hires media buyers, or an experienced media buyer looking to learn a platform you don't currently buy media on, Elite Media Buyers has got you covered.

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