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I'm Jim Banks and I've been helping businesses of all sizes, like yours, get incredible results buying paid media.

It's been a passion of mine since 1999.

I've spent more than $290 million USD buying paid media traffic on every platform you can think of.

I've generated around $1.9 billion in online sales for more than a thousand businesses.

I've generated more than two million leads in B2B across many verticals.

Some of the smartest media buyers on the planet started their careers working with me.

I've worked in-house for a large travel brand.

I've been an affiliate.

I owned (and sold) an affiliate network back in 2009.

I owned (and sold) one of the first pure pay per click media agencies back in 2006.

I consult for ecommerce retailers who are looking to grow their revenue.

But Elite Media Buyers is not about me, it's about you.
Let's Do This Jim
Anyone who knows me, knows I hate exclamation marks, but I want you to know I am shouting at you to take action and click the button below to get started on your media buying training and personal growth journey.
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FACT : There Is A Lack Of Quality Media Buying Training Resources Available
I speak on the subject of media buying at conferences around the world.

During breakout sessions I speak to delegates attending. 

They tell me there is a distinct lack of quality media buying training available for media buyers, at any level.

I speak to media buyers who are struggling to get consistent results.

They've tried a lot of different platforms and "guru methods", but nothing has moved the needle for them.

They wake up to Facebook ad disapprovals, ad account bans, Business Manager bans.

Performance falls off a cliff, "for no apparent reason".

They question their media buying skills and feel like giving up and trying a new career doing something else.

I understand how that feels.

That was what things were like for me, when I started out. 

There was no rule book or best practise guides or cheatsheets. I couldn't turn to Twitter, or YouTube to ask a question.

There was a small group of people working together, trying to figure things out.

I made lots of mistakes.

At times I felt overwhelmed.

That's why I decided to dive in to learning everything I could about media buying online.

I would question what I was learning.

I'd action the learnings, confirm they worked, consistently and then teach others in my team how to do it.

I spent money on training, attending conferences, mastermind events and private coaching.

But the majority of my money was spent buying traffic and learning in a live environment.

I discovered what the underlying skills and processes needed to succeed as a media buyer were, it's part science and part creative.

But it is 100% transferrable knowledge.

And I want to help you master the skills needed to be a media buying master.

I want to pass on that knowledge and ensure the media buying  industry continues to flourish.
Why Become A Teacher?
In my day job, I run a growth agency.

The clients we work with are fantastic to work with.

They are all personal friends.

I make a point of visiting them once a year, despite the fact they are dotted all over the world.

My growth agency is 100% process driven.

The processes are well documented.

We have checklists, templates, instructional videos for every task we undertake and we lean heavily on marketing automation.

I have picked apart the instructions that are given to us from the platforms we work with, like Facebook and Google. 

I've taken their words and analysed them.

We understand which bits work for us and which against.

Their best practise is not always our best practise.

I've partnered with Google, Facebook and Microsoft Advertising for many years.

I've built a respect for their way of doing things.

But I operate with a healthy degree of scepticism.

And I want to teach YOU what aspects to accept and which to question.

Nothing that we teach you as part of our media buying training program is a hack or a secret.

Unless you are an engineer or data scientist working for one of the platforms, you have no knowledge of the "algorithms" inner workings.

But we have a process that has been honed over 20 years to deliver results that impress our clients.
I Like Helping People
I go out of my way to help people.

I explain things in great detail.

My wife thinks I give away too much for free.

She is 100% right.

Having said that, the reason I give so much away for free is that many people can't afford to hire me, based on my hourly rate card.

It's a catch-22.

I realised that a "collective consulting" by way of a media buying training portal would be a better way to help more people become better media buyers.

I want to make it affordable for you to benefit from my knowledge.

I don't confess to know all the answers, so I have assembled a smart collective pool of industry friends that share the same passion to help others as me.

We will bring the best people, with the best knowledge.

That might come across as arrogant, but it is not. 

Anyone who has seen me speak, had a drink with me at a conference or knows me via any posts I've made in Facebook groups know that I go into a lot of detail and share everything.

I provide actionable tips.

If you are an action taker you will be able to turn your learnings into money.

I do it because I am passionate and want to help you.

I will still be available to hire privately for 1:1 sessions, or group coaching.

My growth agency (Spades Media) can still be hired for "done for you" strategy and campaign execution.

But, my true North is to help you get the media buying skills you need to deliver amazing results on your own or in a "done with you" model.

I don't want you to have to pay through the nose for the privilege.

I've helped small businesses and agency owners become bigger businesses.

I've helped launch the careers of many outstanding media buying experts.

But don't take my word for it.

Here are a few things some of my clients (friends) and members I've worked with have said about working with me.
What Can We Say About Jim..
Melanie Mitchell
Jim Banks is a well sought-after advisor, speaker and agency partner in the industry.

He has built custom strategies and tactics that I haven't seen at any other agency that will take your performance marketing to the next level that also saves on the amount of time it takes to pull all the data sets together.

In addition to being a strong agency partner and extension of your own internal team, Jim is just a terrific person to work with.

I would highly recommend!
Craig Paddock
I’ve seen Jim speak at many different conferences over the years and he clearly knows his stuff.

Before we launched any campaigns with Jim, we did an extensive audit of our analytics to ensure all KPIs were tracked at a very granular level.

So, I knew from the start we were going down the right path.

His understanding of Facebook advertising is like a seasoned Google AdWords veteran (as opposed to most Social Media Managers whose biggest qualification is the time they spend socialising on Instagram).

He’s also just a great guy – always enjoy working with him.
Charlie Calabrese
I've had the pleasure of working with Jim for several years and his experience certainly speaks for itself.

But, it's more than that, Jim shares his knowledge, teaching others to fish as it were, and wants to better the community of experts.

If you have the chance to work with him, don't miss the opportunity!
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To your success,

Jim Banks
Let's Do This Jim
Anyone who knows me, knows I hate exclamation marks, but I want you to know I am shouting at you to take action and click the button below to get started on your media buying training and personal growth journey.
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